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Many people dread being told that they need dental crowns or other types of restorations. As important as they might be for protecting teeth and maintaining a strong, balanced smile, the idea that there’ll be a piece of unsightly metal in your smile from now on can be a disheartening one. But this isn’t an issue at Voller Dentistry; with the right materials, Dr. Voller can provide you with restorations that flawlessly blend in with the surrounding teeth in order to enhance your appearance. Are you thinking you might need dental work done in the near future? Contact our Kittanning office today to ask about our metal-free options.

What are Metal-Free Restorations?

Young female patient in dental chair with metal-free restorations in Kittanning, PA

A metal-free restoration can refer to a few different things, such as a dental crown, a filling, or a fixed bridge. Each of these restorations is used to repair or replace teeth in different situations. While they can be made out of metal, we generally graft them from tooth-colored materials such as porcelain and composite resin instead. Since every smile is different, we can shade these materials in order to make them match your surrounding teeth. They reflect light much the same way the natural enamel does, which in turn makes it much easier for them to blend in. As a result, instead of being distracted by your crown or filling every time you laugh or grin, most casual observers won’t even realize that you’ve had dental work done at all!  

What are the Benefits of Metal-Free Restorations?

Six metal-free ceramic crowns on a black surface

Having a metal-free crown, filling, or bridge placed brings all kinds of advantages when it comes to your oral health. Some of the benefits of these restorations include:

What Kinds of Metal-Free Restorations are There?

Man with bright smile working at his desk

Here are some examples of metal-free restorations that Dr. Voller uses to restore your ability to smile, eat, and speak comfortably.