Dental Veneers in Richardson, TX

A flawless smile isn’t just something available to the lucky few born with perfect teeth or the rich and famous. Dr. Davis offers the very best dental veneers near Richardson, TX because we provide fully-customized smiles to all patients.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are sheaths of dental-grade porcelain that we affix to the fronts of teeth. Porcelain veneers are small, and they resemble a fingernail prior to placement. Once they’re in position, all you’ll see is a flawless smile.

Who Should Consider Porcelain Veneers?

This cosmetic solution is a great option for patients who want to correct or conceal a number of cosmetic flaws at once rather than completing a variety of restorative dentistry or orthodontic services to address individual smile flaws. Some of the situations where porcelain veneers are the best option include:

  • To brighten smiles when traditional whitening proves ineffective
  • To conceal chips, cracks, and dental wear
  • To straighten teeth with uneven spacing or minor orthodontic concerns

How Are Porcelain Veneers Placed?

Dr. Davis can complete your porcelain veneer plan in two treatment visits in our office. During the first treatment appointment, we will need to remove a small amount of surface tooth enamel. This allows your veneer to fit into the natural smile line. Once your smile is prepared, we’ll capture bite impressions that are used by the lab to craft your veneer.

Before you leave the first visit, we’ll place a temporary veneer to protect your smile. When the lab finishes your custom veneer, you will return to our office for your second treatment visit. At the second appointment, we simply remove your temporary and exchange it for the custom-crafted porcelain veneer.

How Much Do Dental Veneers Cost?

Your total out-of-pocket teeth veneers cost will depend on the number of dental veneers you need. If you're ready to save on your dental costs, join our In-House Membership Plan, a dental discount plan that offers 10% off cosmetic treatments, like veneers. We also accept payment plans through CareCredit®!

Get The Beautiful Smile You Deserve - With Veneers!

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