Dental Crown Services in Richardson, TX

After suffering through a toothache for weeks, you finally visit your dentist, only to hear them tell you that you’re going to need a dental crown to heal your tooth. Now you’re going to have to schedule two appointments – one to prepare your tooth and receive a temporary crown, and another to cement the permanent crown into place. You don’t want to have to take that much time out of your busy schedule, but dental restorations such as crowns and bridges are important. Delaying this treatment could result in worse consequences for your oral health in the future.

Fortunately, Dr. Meredith Davis offers the very best dental crowns near Richardson, TX because she uses same-day CEREC® technology. This advanced treatment method allows us to design, create, and place your restoration in just one appointment - no follow-up appointment necessary!

What Is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Put simply, CEREC is a state-of-the-art restorative dentistry technology that allows the entire process of getting restorations, such as bridges or dental crowns in Richardson, in one single appointment rather than having to visit us two or three times. Because the whole treatment takes place in our office instead of a dental lab, we can make sure the final result is flawless and precise.

How CEREC Works

The process of designing, crafting, and placing your restoration is nearly identical to that of their traditional counterparts, but the main difference is that your dentist in Richardson can perform every step right here in our office.

First, we prepare the tooth in question by removing the damaged portion as well as a small amount of enamel from all sides. This allows the restoration to fit snugly over the tooth without bulging out. Next, we capture digital impressions of that section of your mouth that instantly show up on our chair-side design unit. From there, we can create a design plan for your perfect restoration. Once this step is finished, we transfer the design to our in-office milling device, which molds your restoration from a solid block of high-quality dental ceramic. It should be finished after about an hour. We then examine the fit, make any final adjustments, and cement the restoration into place.

Benefits of CEREC Over Traditional Restorations

Dentists all over the country are choosing to adopt CEREC technology over the traditional method of creating restorations, and for good reason. Some of the benefits that CEREC offers include:

  • No need to schedule two separate appointments
  • Digital impressions are less messy than traditional putty
  • Easier for patients who suffer from dental anxiety
  • Patients with sensitive teeth, gums, or gag reflexes can avoid placing and receiving a temporary in addition to their final restoration

Dental Crown Restoration

Dental crowns are restorations that fit completely over the top of a damaged tooth to replace the lost structure and protect the tooth from additional decay or damage. We offer dental crowns crafted from a wide range of materials to meet any need, including gold, porcelain fused to metal, and all-ceramic. We may recommend dental crowns in any of the following situations:

  • To repair a decayed or damaged tooth
  • To protect a root canal treated tooth
  • To correct or conceal cosmetic flaws
  • To support dental implant or fixed bridge tooth replacements

The Advanced Dental Restoration Process

Both dental crowns and fixed bridges are placed over the course of two appointments. During the initial visit, we prepare the tooth or teeth, capture bite impressions, and place a temporary restoration to protect your teeth. A dental lab will use the bite impressions and our design to craft your crown or bridge. When we receive the restoration from our lab, you’ll return to our office to exchange the temporary for your custom crown or bridge.

How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost?

Your total out-of-pocket dental crown cost will depend on the terms of your dental insurance plan. Fortunately, Meredith G. Davis, DDS accepts plans from a broad spectrum of dental insurance companies.

If you're uninsured, join our In-House Membership Plan, a dental discount plan that offers 15% off restorative treatments, like dental crowns. We also accept payment plans through CareCredit®!

Get A Permanent Dental Crown - In As Little As One Appointment!

Take advantage of our cutting-edge same-day crowns. Call Dr. Davis today to schedule your appointment.

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