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How You Can Transform Your Smile in 2019

Now that the new year has begun, there’s no better time to consider what your next new year resolution should be! For many, it’s spending more time with the family or traveling to places you didn’t get a chance to in the past. However, your smile and overall health are worth taking a closer look at, especially considering the number of options available in dentistry today.

Revamping your smile could be as simple as getting that overdue dental crown created or as complex as having an implant placed in your jawbone. Regardless of the treatment you choose, Dr. Davis and her team are more than prepared to help you understand your options as you enter the new year!

Why Now is the Best Time to Start Planning

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If you plan on receiving treatments other than a routine cleaning or checkup, then it’s always better to schedule earlier in the year than later. If your dental insurance benefits have reset, you can start taking advantage of them right as the new year begins. Plus, you’ll want plenty of time to plan for them as they often take more than one visit to complete.

Of course, if you do mainly intend on getting routine checkups and cleanings performed, January is an ideal time to schedule for numerous reasons. For one, scheduling a checkup now means your second treatment will be scheduled around the late spring/early summer months, such as May or June. This period of the year tends to be less busy because of the number of people on vacation, so you just might be able to get more time to ask Dr. Davis any questions you may have.

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Restorative Treatments Can Expand Your Diet

For patients with healthy remaining teeth, getting your restoration placed is a great way to start the new year off right. In previous newsletters, we’ve discussed how replacing your missing teeth is incredibly important to your oral health. However, we don’t go into as much detail on the impact restorative dentistry has, even for small treatments like fillings and dental crowns. Crowns and fillings reduce the risk of needing more extensive and expensive treatments later.

Furthermore, if you planned on improving your health in the new year, you should have a reliable prosthetic to accommodate new diets. If you’re tired of dealing with countless dental issues and want a restoration that does not decay like natural teeth, dental implants are the best way to eat the foods you want without worry of your teeth shifting in the process. Those who rely on dentures will appreciate the fixed nature of dental implants as well as their low maintenance overall.

Cosmetic Boosts to Start the Year Off Right

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If you’re looking for a more cosmetic route to start 2019, Dr. Davis’s office has you covered. One of the most common requests Dr. Davis gets from patients is a way to quickly and effectively hide smile imperfections.

Permanent discoloration due to tobacco use or antibiotics like tetracycline can be covered in just two visits with the help of porcelain veneers. If you want to improve your smile but don’t want to remove enamel to do so, direct-bonding can hide minor chips and cracks in tooth enamel much like dental fillings. Additionally, at-home whitening kits get your smile looking brighter in just one day!

If you’re trying to fulfill a new year resolution, now is the time to get started. Some treatments can take several months to complete, while others can offer benefits that you can start experiencing as soon as February! Regardless of your selection, we hope that the new year gives you the incentive to explore solutions that invigorate your daily life.

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