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Smile in Time for the New Year!

The holidays are finally upon us! Black Friday is over and families all over Texas are competing over who has the best decorations in their front yard. Extended family members are filling up the driveway and side streets to visit. It’s one of the most exciting times of the year, especially if you’re younger. With more reunions and events happening in the area, it always helps to look your best. Posing for a photo with family members shouldn’t be an issue, nor should figuring out the right gift for those close to you.

Dr. Davis and the team members at the practice wanted to highlight treatments that can not only give your smile a holiday boost, but restore damaged teeth more aesthetically than before. In this month’s newsletter, we’ll go over cosmetic treatments we think you should consider, whether it be for you, your significant other, an extended family member or a close family friend. Everyone can benefit from a beautiful smile this holiday season!

Restore and Touch Up Your Smile

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When you’re busy planning a holiday meal, decorating the house, or traveling to visit the family, it can be easy to forget about dental treatments that you need. Dental fillings are one of the most common treatments to get left by the wayside during the holidays, other than routine cleanings and exams. If you want to prevent your tooth from breaking further and save money on a crown, metal-free restorations are a great solution. Not only do they restore your teeth, but they do so subtly, without the risk of staining teeth or creating reflections in your mouth.

Do you catch yourself giving a closed-mouth smile when it’s time for the family photo? If you don’t need fillings placed but would still like to enhance your smile in just one visit, there are few treatments as cost-effective as direct bonding. Chips, cracks, gaps and stains can make it difficult to smile, but direct bonding can give you confidence to try again.

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Take Advantage of Your Holiday Vacation

If you’re making time to see family, it’s likely because you took time off work. Free time with the family is incredibly important, but you’re probably going to have some extra down time, especially after everyone is done eating the holiday meal. With take-home whitening solutions from our office, you can whiten teeth in the most effective way possible entirely on your own schedule. You’re already relaxing next to the fireplace and cozying up under a blanket, so why not give your smile a productive makeover in the process?

Keep in mind these kits are nothing like what you’ll find in the store, so save your money and put it towards professional bleaching. Your smile will be as white as a snowflake!

Experience the Power of a Permanent Smile

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If your teeth are damaged and have been for many years, it’s difficult to imagine them looking any other way. On the other hand, if you’ve been saving money in order to buy a gift for someone very special, you have the potential to change their life completely for the better. You could buy an item that requires expensive maintenance and long-term costs, or you could give them a much-needed boost of confidence and self-esteem that requires just two visits to our office.

Porcelain veneers offer a multi-pronged solution to teeth afflicted by any and all common imperfections. Not only can you avoid the need for extensive orthodontic treatments, but other cosmetic treatments in the process. After the veneers are placed, your family member just might be in a temporary state of shock once Dr. Davis unveils their new smile.

This holiday season, don’t just flash your smile to your close friends and family members; give the gift of cosmetic dentistry to those who could benefit from it most. If you know someone who could use a boost in their smile, feel free to refer them to our practice this holiday season. Until then, Dr. Davis and her team wishes you and your family a happy holiday!

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