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Creating a Place You Love to Visit

When people think of their favorite places to visit, it’s pretty rare for the dental office to be at the top of the list. While we realize we can’t change this fact for everyone, that doesn’t mean we’re going to give up on our community. At our practice, we do everything we can to help patients look forward to their visit. With your support, we can improve your dental experience from the moment you walk in to when you schedule your next appointment.

By investing in the improvements that matter to patients like you, including the right people, the facility, and the equipment to provide your care, we can continue the legacy that Dr. Clayton initially built and make this practice easy to visit.

Expecting a Family Welcome When You Visit

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The moment you walk into our practice, you can expect to be treated like a member of the family. Dr. Davis understands this all too well, considering her mother is working at the front desk! By having her present, she helps the practice hold a more family-feel, and couldn’t be happier to be working on the front lines.

Of course, the familial bond doesn’t stop there. We treat our hygienist and dental assistant as a part of the family as well. While we hired them for their clinical and communication skills, we always consider how they’ll make patients like you feel part of a dental family, not just another patient. These simple gestures can make all the difference in improving your visit.

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Improving Our Overall Facility

While we completed our office renovations a few months ago, we’d like to show patients a few photos so they know what to expect during their next visit.

As you can tell, we’ve made numerous improvements to our office, including new floors and chairs to make your visit more pleasing to the eye!

Better Equipment Means Better Convenience and Quality

new dental xray technology

As mentioned earlier, your support allows the practice to continue making improvements in the areas that matter most: enhancing patient care. That’s why we’ve invested in new equipment that let’s us perform screenings and treatment in-office more often. This effectively saves you time and money visiting another doctor offsite to complete your treatment. Of course, our tech also helps us provide better preventive care and keep you informed of every step of your treatment. A few examples include:

  • 3D CT Cone Beam Scanner – Allows us to build treatment plans with more precision and ensure we have the most accurate diagnosis possible
  • Cavity Detection System – By using laser technology, we can detect the earliest signs of worn enamel and provide preventive care to treat the area before it becomes a cavity.
  • Intraoral Cameras – No longer are patients in the dark when it comes to treatment. Patients gain the same access to their mouths that dentists do, in order to keep them informed about the need for treatments.

It will be a while before dental visits rival the fun times spent at movie theaters, restaurants, and your lake house, but we are on our way. If you’re in the neighborhood and stop inside, even just to get away from the heat, we hope you say hi or grab a coffee and relax.

If your last visit was positive, we’d love if you told a friend or family member about your experience! Your vote of confidence is the greatest compliment we can receive. The team hopes you enjoy the improvements we’re making and that you experience more of them down the road!

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