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Invest In Your Smile This Tax Season!

Texas families can expect a sizable tax return, according to IRS data analyzed by Business Insider. According to their analysis, Texans earned the highest average tax refund in the country, totaling at $3,206. The report also notes that just over 10 million residents received tax refunds for the fiscal year 2017 (or tax year 2016.) When looking at Richardson alone, that’s approximately 41,000 residents expected to receive a refund from the government. If you’re over 50 years of age, chances are you can qualify for even more tax breaks and receive an even bigger return.

But what exactly do individuals tend to spend their tax refund on these days? Based on a survey conducted by GoBankingRates, most respondents (27 percent) noted they plan to pay off debt, while the second most common decision was to spend it on a major purchase (9 percent.)

As we enter 2019’s tax season, Dr. Davis and her team hope that you take your oral health into consideration. A smile can last a lifetime if properly cared for, and getting necessary restorative treatments can make huge improvements in your quality of life. In this month’s newsletter, we’ll go over these benefits in more detail.

Set Up Future Routine Appointments

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Over the years, we’ve been very pleased to see many people treat their oral health as seriously as their overall health. This phenomenon isn’t exclusive to the practice either, according to a report from the American Dental Association’s (ADA) Health Policy Institute. In the 2015 survey titled Oral Health and Well-Being in the United States, 95 percent of those surveyed agreed that regular dental visits keep them healthy.

We always want to remind our patients that visiting for routine checkups and cleaning offers multiple benefits. Not only can you ensure that your oral health is in top condition, but you can easily afford to do so in the process. Preventive care is the cheapest you can find and the perfect way to make a modest long-term investment with your tax refund.

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Putting Off Restorative Treatment? Complete Yours Today!

It can be easy to start a treatment plan recommended by our office, but then never complete it. Unfortunately, continuing to put it off only puts your oral health at greater risk.

For example, temporary crowns may suit your needs now, but they are not designed to last in the long-term. Temporary crowns are far more likely to become loose and fall off, resulting in your damaged tooth underneath breaking apart further or becoming infected. That tooth may have only needed a crown at the start of treatment, but now needs root canal therapy, resulting in higher costs.

The same applies to replacing missing teeth. You may not be immediately bothered by your tooth loss now, but your jawbone will only continue to diminish in size and strength. Instead of only needing a dental implant, you could also need a bone graft if a significant amount of bone breaks down.

Sometimes all you need is a quick boost of income to get the treatments you need, and tax refunds act as the perfect jumping off point.

Make Improvements to Your Quality of Life

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It doesn’t matter if you’re younger or older, investing in your oral health when you need it can make a huge difference in your quality of life. This is especially true if you’re suffering from tooth pain on a regular basis or having difficulty eating the foods you love. Based on the same report from the ADA, pain was considered a top oral health issue for young and low-income individuals. It also notes that 42 percent of low-income adults and 35 percent of young adults had difficulty chewing because of the condition of their oral health.

Instead of settling for these problems, you can put your oral health first and improve many aspects of your life at the same time. The feeling that you’ve taken all the necessary steps to ensure long-term oral health is truly priceless. If you’re one of the thousands of Richardson residents who expect a tax refund this year, we hope you take the time to visit our practice. Our office is fully equipped to handle your dental issue and get you back on the right path to oral health. Until then, Dr. Davis and her team wish you a fruitful and successful tax season!

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