Root Canal Treatment in Richardson, TX

Are you currently suffering from a monster of a toothache? Is it keeping you from working, eating, or even sleeping? If this is the case, you might have an infection deep within the tooth. Oftentimes, the most effective way to eliminate the infection and relieve your pain is with root canal therapy.

At Meredith G. Davis, DDS, we proudly offer the very best root canals near Richardson, TX. Dr. Davis' expertise allows you to get a root canal from the same dental office you go for cleanings and teeth whitening.

Nervous about your root canal? Have special healthcare needs? We offer sedation options to help you relax!

What Is A Root Canal?

In the center of a tooth is a soft tissue called the dental pulp. The pulp contains nerves and blood vessels. It extends from the inside of the tooth’s crown all the way down through the roots. These pathways that travel through the roots are known as root canals, which is where this procedure gets its name.

If root canal therapy is needed, the infected pulp of the tooth, including the nerve, is removed, and the inside of the tooth is sanitized to get rid of the infection. The pulp is replaced with a synthetic material, and the tooth is restored with a filling or crown for protection. A root canal saves your tooth from having to be extracted.

Signs That You Might Need A Root Canal

Although root canals are fairly common and have a high success rate, we generally only recommend them when all other options to save your tooth have been exhausted. If you notice any of the following common symptoms of needing a root canal, call us right away:

  • Persistent, throbbing toothache
  • Pain when biting or chewing with a certain tooth
  • Darkening of a tooth
  • Lingering sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Pimple-like bump near the gumline

What You Can Expect During Your Root Canal

First, your dentist in Richardson will closely examine your tooth and take x-rays to determine whether root canal therapy is required. You might be hesitant to undergo this procedure, but there’s nothing to fear. Thanks to local anesthetic, this treatment should be no more uncomfortable than a simple filling.

Once your tooth has been numbed, we remove its pulp. The inside of the tooth is sterilized and filled back up with a special material. Depending on the location of that tooth within your mouth, we may place either a filling or a dental crown over it. This restoration will not only look perfectly natural, but it should protect the tooth from damage in the future and allow you to effortlessly chew with it again.

How Much Do Root Canals Cost?

Your total out-of-pocket root canal cost will depend on the terms of your dental insurance plan. Fortunately, Meredith G. Davis, DDS accepts plans from a broad spectrum of dental insurance companies.

If you're uninsured, join our In-House Membership Plan, a dental discount plan that offers 15% off restorative treatments, like root canals. We also accept payment plans through CareCredit®!

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